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We provide Feedscrews and Feedscrew Drives, Head Space Sterilization units, BMH Invertors, Carleton Twists, Pressure Belt Drives and Bottle Cleaning Equipment which are a vital part of manipulating containers along the conveying process. As a member of PMMI, Carleton also provides solutions for the integration of equipment to original equipment manufactures. We can assist in the engineering of new designs for the packaging machinery industry.


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  • Carleton Helical Technologies is excited to announce the newest addition to the CHT container handling product line, the Helical Denester. Helical Denesters utilize horizontal and vertical...(20,)Read More  

  • Carleton Helical Technologies engineers and manufactures HP Invertors for high-speed lines. HP Invertors can rotationally position containers 90-180 degrees for many types of applications. Standard speeds...(20,)Read More  

  • Carleton Helical Technologies specializes in Feedscrew(timing screw) engineering and manufacturing. Our engineers have developed a proprietary computerized manufacturing system, devoted specifically to Feedscrews. This system accurately...(20,)Read More  

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