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About Carleton Helical

Carleton Helical Technologies has served the packaging industry since its inception in 1979. Originally operating as a custom engineering facility, Carleton has built a solid reputation manufacturing quality products for this industry.

Carleton Products are now used worldwide specializing in Feedscrews, Feedscrew Drives, high-speed orienting / inverting and cleaning containers. Our equipment is used for the manipulation of composite cans, glass or plastic bottles or jars and more. We welcome the opportunity to serve you by providing machinery and components designed to incorporate new and proven technology


Carleton Helical Technologies has been a large part of my life and I have watched it grow from small machine shop to a large warehouse production. Over the past 25 years we have successfully added new products that satisfy the custom packaging machinery industry. I’m proud to say that Carleton Helical Technologies has been a family run operation for three generations."

 – President, Nicholas Carleton