Belt Drives By CHT

Belt Drives…let’s take a look at how these work.  CHT Belt Drives can be utilized for many applications along the production line. From gap transfer to regulating container movement into production line processing, Belt Drives assist in many ways.  All our machinery is made in-house and custom to your container’s dimensions. Contact us to discuss your future projects.

Expo Pack Mexico 2022 (June 14-17)

Expo Pack Mexico is happening now! Stop by our booth #2214 to chat with experts about applications for your production line. Our live machinery features a Feedscrew Drive, Invertor & Revertor Assembly, and Belt Drive Assembly. We look forward to seeing you there. #expopackmexico2022

¡Expo Pack México está sucediendo ahora! Pase por nuestro stand #2214 para conversar con expertos sobre las aplicaciones para su línea de producción. Nuestra maquinaria en vivo cuenta con un accionamiento de tornillo, un conjunto de inversor y revertor y un conjunto de transmisión por correa. Esperamos verte allí.

Ionized Air Rinser by CHT

The CHT Ionized Air Rinser is our most popular in-line rinser because of its versatility. There are many components that are customizable for quick change over, which make it simple to run multiple containers on one line. Another benefit is using ionized air to clean the inside of containers, instead of water or a cleaning solution. There is no need for drainage of cleaning fluids or leaking issues. Routine cleaning maintenance on the Ionized Air Rinser involves one person to change the filter bag which collects dust and debris from the ionizer vacuum (filter bags are changed up need, may vary from 1 week to 1 month).


Carleton Helical Technologies has made health and safety a top priority. We have remained open through the global pandemic of COVID19 and have installed several new systems to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers. We are here to help keep our customer’s production lines working smooth and efficiently.  Let’s get through this together.

Why Customize Your Container Cleaning System…

Do you need to clean out containers before they are filled, labeled and ready to be shipped? CHT makes custom container cleaning systems.

Why customize your Container Cleaning System? 1. ) Container Cleaning Systems made to the dimensions of a specific container work more efficiently. 2.) Less down time on your production line.    3. ) The cleaning agent is to your companies preference and compliant with industry standards.


New! Green Invertor

The Green Invertor is made of recycled plastic and designed to flip your product 180-360 degrees. The Green Invertor is a small box, approximately 12-24 inches in length and can be placed on an existing conveyor. It also performs just as well as all of our other Invertors. For more information, email