HP Invertors For High-Speed Lines

HP Invertor
HP Invertor

Carleton Helical Technologies engineers and manufactures HP Invertors for high-speed lines. HP Invertors can rotationally position containers 90-180 degrees for many types of applications. Standard speeds for the HP Invertor are 500-1000+ containers per minute. There are many applications along the production line that the HP Invertor assist in; product mixing, inspection, coding, washing and much more.

The HP Invertor handles many different types of containers, from cans to cartons, most containers are able to move through an HP Invertor without complications. Our engineers ensure each Invertor is designed custom to the container’s dimensions.

The quick changeover design is useful when customers need to run more then one container per line. Since the HP Invertor has a small footprint it makes changeover hassle-free to remove and replace Invertors.

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