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Belt Drives

 The Belt Drives are designed to transport containers between conveyor gaps, rotationally position containers, provide pressure for containers to move along a stagnant part of the production line and various other applications. Adjustment for different container sizes takes only seconds with the adjustable hand wheel and the digital counter, which makes precise calibration easy for prerecorded gap settings. Equipped with dual motors and a single speed controller, allowing constant velocity and positive control of container movement.

Our single or dual side belt drives can be mounted on an existing conveyor for superior container control for downstream applications. CHT also offers a stand-alone or modular design that can be easily installed on, or between, conveyors. Both styles are engineered for long term industrial use and have been field tested to hold up to industry standards.

Gripper belts handle a variety of container dimensions and may be mounted vertically or horizontally. The spring-loaded pressure gently but firmly grips containers. A variable speed controller can be adjusted to meet conveyor speeds. This unit is available in various lengths from 11 inches to 72 inches. The Belt Drive Unit can be singles sided, dual sided or stacked depending on the application.


  • Construction- Stainless steel or Aluminum modular stand with stainless steel covers, two 90VDC motors with Speed controller 110VAC input. AC version available upon request.
  • Speed- Capable of running up to 300 feet per minute
  • Dimensions- Length-18.5″ (Base); 34″ Gap Area. Width: 14.0″. Height: 36.0″. Or: per your spec.
  • Other Applications- space metering, leak detection, inspection, dead plate transfer, coding, pressure testing

Click here for video of Belt Drives.


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