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HP Invertors for Can-Handling

HP Invertors are used for many applications along the production line. The HP Invertors gently and rapidly turn your cans 90-180 degrees. There are no moving parts and it is easily placed on any conveyor system.  Here is are some of the applications we have used HP Invertors for: 

    • Inspection
    • Coding
    • Washing
    • Product mixing 360 degree
    • Rotational positioning
    • Replaces twist rails
    • In-line air cleaning
    • Rapid change over
    • Minimum backpressure
    • Eliminates calibration on rails
    • Space saving
    • Cap sterilization 

Carleton Helical Technologies' HP Invertor has a small footprint, which is approximately 12-24 inches. Essentially, it can be placed anywhere with minimal modifications to the existing production line.