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Cap Sterlization

Many of Carleton’s customers realize the advantage of the invertor’s ability to pasteurize/sterilize the cap of a hot filled bottle. Whether a partial or full rotation, the cap and seal receive a considerable soak in heat.

Do you have a special need? Carleton can design invertors to accommodate your specific requirements. Through your input, Carleton Helical Technologies produced invertors with dump slots for product not fully charged and hinged for ease of cleaning.

Carleton uses invertors as part of our rinser line. The invertor / revertor assembly is an excellent application for a three stage invertor of your container.

Carleton Helical Technologies’ Invertor / Revertor Assembly picks up containers from your conveyor, inverts 180 degrees, travels across a slotted dead plate, then reverts back 180 degrees and is re-introduced on your conveyor. There are no moving parts so maintenance and down time is minimal. Mounted on a modular aluminum frame for maximum stability. Excellent application for bottle cleaning and air rinsing. Easy interchangeability for different size containers. Can be changed in minutes without recalibration or retooling. Also available in twist chute.

Carleton Helical Technologies can mount on a modular frame for multi-lane applications as well. This allows multi size containers on same line utilizing a slide rail on a tubular frame. A great application is pass through (no inversion) and invertor on same line.