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Cap Sterlization

 The Cap Sterilization Unit utilizes HP Invertor technology to invert hot filled containers to soak the cap and seal. This application is used to sterilize/pasteurize a containers cap, by using the heat of the fluid in the container to kill the bacteria and germs on the cap. Our units are economically priced and have an incredibly small footprint, compared to other systems that perform the same application. There are three ways to sterilize your caps:

  1. Dual Invertors: the first Invertor turns the containers over 180 degrees, releases it to the production line for a length of time, then another Invertor turns it 180 degrees to the upright position.
  2. Momentary Contact: uses one Invertor to rotate your product 120 degrees, which quickly soaks the cap in hot fluid and sets it upright to proceed down the production line.
  3. All-In-One Unit: this is for containers that need a full 360 degree turn in an extremely small footprint for cap sterilization.

*Contact times vary per product rate.   

The HP Invertors that are created for the use of Cap Sterilization are outfitted with “dump slots”, in case of the occasional loose cap. This allows the product/fluid to exit the Invertor without stopping the entire production line. Our Invertors are designed to be removed from the production line for ease of cleaning, this also provides the ability to switch out Invertors for different size containers running on the same line.