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CHT Beer Can/Bottle Cleaner

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Carleton Helical Technologies is proud to serve the Beer Industry. Our Can/Bottle Cleaning System is specifically designed to manipulate beer cans and bottles along the production line. Our HP Invertors and CHT Can/Bottle Cleaning Systems can be placed on an existing production line and has a small footprint.

The CHT Beer Cleaner begins with our HP Invertors turning the cans/bottle upside down. Then a conveyor assists in moving the cans/bottle through the cleaner, which cleans cans/bottles with ionized air, water, or a cleaning solution. The final step moves the cans through a second HP Invertor to turn them right-side up to continue down the production line.

  • Starting at 10 cans per minute - runs up to 1000+ per minute.
  • Customized HP Invertors and Craft Beer Cleaning System to the shape and size of your cans/bottles.
  • Our experts are available to answer all of your custom CHT packaging machinery questions. 

We also design and create CHT Beer Can Blow-Off System.

Carleton Helical Technologies is a proud member of the Brewers Association. 

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