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HP Invertors



HelixXPro (HP) Invertor 

The HP Invertor gently and rapidly inverts or rotationally positions a variety of containers. The integration of this invertor to your existing equipment is simple. It allows you to dramatically improve the handling of all shapes and sizes of containers such as metal, glass, plastic, fiber, and products ranging from vials to two liter bottles, jars, or cans.

Movement of containers through the invertor is in a continuous motion and is able to achieve ultra high speeds dependent on the container. The utilization of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene enables the product to fall through the invertor with a minimum of backpressure on aluminum cans, plastic containers, or glass packages.

  • Inspection
  • Coding
  • Washing
  • Product mixing 360 degree
  • Rotational positioning
  • Replaces twist rails
  • In-line air cleaning
  • Rapid change over
  • Minimum backpressure
  • Eliminates calibration on rails
  • Space saving
  • Cap sterilization 0-90-0 degree