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Carleton Helical Technologies is proud to introduce the HelixXPro product line to the packaging industry. This elite line of custom packaging machinery is the finest in the industry because it uses the most advanced technology to design your company’s machinery.  HelixXPro products will be an essential boost to your production line as it adds speed, quicker turn-over, and efficiency, without sacrificing quality control.  HelixXPro Products include Feedscrews, Invertors and High-Speed Container Cleaners.


HelixXPro Feedscrews

Black screws2

DIVIDE. ROTATE. COLLATE. The HelixXPro Feedscrews are designed and developed with top of the line CAD/CAM software, which provides the most precise measurements for handling accuracy. This technology also allows us to create a custom feedscrews with short lead times.  Our custom designed Feeedscrews come in a variety of materials; derlin, nylon, UHMW and metallic stainless steel.