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High Speed Can Invertor

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High Speed Can Invertor

Our High-Speed Can Invertor stably handles 1000+ beverage cans per minute. The HP Invertor guides 12 .oz and 16 .oz cans swiftly through rotations without damages or quality control issues to the cans. High-speed control profiling enhances the ability to handle high-speed conveyors.  

The weight of the cans themselves will push the product through the High-Speed Can Invertor, making it easy to place on an existing conveyor because it does not need other mechanical parts to support it. If you would like to space out the cans before they go into the High-Speed Can Invertor, this application would need a belt drive system. 

High-Speed Can Invertors are popular on canning lines for multiple purposes; date coding, can cleaning, inspection, labeling and mixing.