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Container Cleaning Systems


Container Cleaning System

In-Line Cleaner / CHT Continuous Flow Air and Water Rinsers
See also Ionized Air Rinser


  • Capable of high operating speeds
  • Replaces twister rails.
  • Saves space – less than 7 feet long (typical)
  • Modular stainless steel frame
  • Pressure belt or screw drive systems
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • No container abrasion or denting.
  • Simple Installation- no adjustment required
  • Changeover in minutes
  • Rate: 50 – 1000 CPM
  • Handles wide mouth or narrow neck glass, plastic, paper or metal jars, bottles or cans of all sizes


CHT Invertor/ Revertor assembly is made of low friction polyethylene which does not cause graphics or product abrasion, stainless steel frame and covers; washdown version available upon request.

Carleton Container Cleaning products consist of HP Invertor/Revertor Assembly.HP Invertor Units and assemblies are installed in facilities worldwide, and is a proven methodology in today’s technology. Most users prefer ionized air or water rinsers. Also available in wash down and other drive configurations.