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Product Video Gallery

All of Carleton Helical Technologies container handling products are engineered and manufactured in our facility. Our customer's satisfaction our top our priority, thus we are constantly testing products and applications. Here are a few videos of customer tests, as well as tradeshow display videos. 

If you have an application request and you don't see a video for it here, contact our sales department and they can assist you in finding a video. 

  • HP Invertor Quick-Changeover
  • HP Invertor 12oz Cans by CHT
  • In-Line Ionized Air Rinser by CHT (Multiple Containers)
  • Ionized Air Rinser By CHT
  • Feedscrew Drives for Pharma Bottles by Carleton Helical Technologies
  • Feedscrews/Denesting By CHT
  • Feedscrews Rotationally Positioning By CHT
  • Feedscrew Orienting for Glass Liquor Bottles By CHT
  • Belt Drives By CHT
  • Ionized Air Rinser for Glass Liquor Bottles By CHT
  • Feedscrew Twist With Amber Bottles By CHT
  • Carton Twist By CHT