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CHT Invertors are essential to the packaging machinery industry. Invertors are custom engineered to each container's specifications and can rotate containers 90 to 360 degrees depending on the application. Our engineers will assist in choosing which Invertor is the right fit for each project. Here are the different types of Invertors:


HP Invertor

 The HP Invertor gently and rapidly inverts or rotationally positions a variety of containers at high-speeds. The integration of the HP Invertor to existing equipment is simple. It allows for improved handling of all shapes and sizes of containers such as metal, glass, plastic, fiber, and products ranging from vials to two-liter bottles, jars, or cans.

Movement of containers through the invertor is a continuous motion and is able to achieve ultra-high speeds dependent on the container. The utilization of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene enables the product to move through the HP Invertor with minimum backpressure. Utilize the HP Invertor for these applications:

  • Inspection
  • Coding
  • Washing
  • Product mixing 360 degree
  • Rotational positioning
  • Replaces twist rails
  • In-line air cleaning
  • Rapid change over
  • Minimum backpressure
  • Eliminates calibration on rails
  • Space saving
  • Cap sterilization 0-90-0 degree


180 Degree HP Invertor

180 Degree HP Invertor



Cap Sterilization

The Cap Sterilization Unit utilizes HP Invertor technology to invert hot filled containers to soak the cap and seal. This application is used to sterilize/pasteurize a containers cap, by using the heat of the fluid in the container to kill bacteria and germs on the cap. Our units have a small footprint, compared to other systems that perform the same application. There are three ways to sterilize your caps:

  1. Dual Invertors: the first Invertor moves the containers over 180 degrees, releases it to the production line for any length of time, then another Invertor turns it 180 degrees to the upright position.
  2. Momentary Contact: uses one Invertor to rotate your product 120 degrees, which quickly soaks the cap in hot fluid and sets it upright to proceed down the production line.
  3. All-In-One Unit: this is for containers that need a full 360 degree turn in an extremely small footprint for cap sterilization.

*Contact times vary per product rate.   

These HP Invertors are specifically designed for the use of Cap Sterilization and are outfitted with heat dissipation gaps to aid with leaks, airflow and visual inspection. Our Invertors can be engineered for removal from the production line for quick changeovers and easy cleaning.


Green Invertor

The Green Invertor is made of recycled plastic and performs just as well as our top-of-the-line Invertors. Rotationally positioning containers 180 degrees at speeds up to 2000 cpm, dependent on the container’s dimensions, is standard for the Green Invertor. Similar to the HP Invertor, the Green Invertor is approximately 12-24 inches long and is easily placed on an existing production line.

The Green Invertor is new to our list of custom packaging machinery. We are excited for our customers to have a more sustainable option when updating their production lines. If you are aiming to build a more environmentally friendly production line and still run at high efficiency, this Invertor is fit for your company.